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Re: Underrated Games
« on: November 27, 2015, 05:51:36 pm »
Soup Paypal Mayro isn't that great. I'm not fond of it either. Its story is crappy and its NPC design is a geometric travesty. I haven't played Super Paper Mario, but I hate it for personal MarioWiki-related reasons. MarioWiki historically had exaggerated melodramatic crap that used to stand for good writing, but Soup Paypal Mayro is that game where people write its plot synopsis and I don't know if they're just summarizing it or adulterating it to make it sound dramatic. If I had to choose between Toads and a bunch of boxes, I think I'd just stick with Toads.

As for games I find underrated? The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, at least on the professional critic side of things. Most critics aren't very impressed, and how they say it's repetitive or whatever, well, I don't agree. I also think the games have a ton of replay value, have an addicting quality, and they're more interesting than the mainline games because the combat is more involved. Not to mention, each successive game bar Gates to Infinity has overall improved the gameplay and nobody really notes this, which is kind of sad since some blatant rehashes like Super Mario Galaxy 2 do hardly anything different and still gets 95s across the board.


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