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Re: Underrated Games
« on: December 03, 2015, 04:35:47 pm »
Paper Mario Sticker Star and Dead Space 3. Yo uknow, Paper Mario Sticker Star had great music and maybe the plot it wasn´t as brilliant as the TTYD one or the "Mario Story"[n64] one, but it gives you a new mechanic into the game and it goes difficult conform you continue the game. Dead Space 3 it wasn´t so on the horror-drama game as the second and the first one (being the second the best for me btw), but it have a good  Co-op thing, and also it have new and good suits, it let you  see how  serious as **** was the conflict about Government and Uniologist (and also how the Uniologist managed to maked the ir own Marker and that their leader was kinda smart and determined to follow his ideals), and you see how the character reacts on what is another strong issue and how he can be empathic with his partner Carver even if he was an **** at some part of the game


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