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Title: Advertise your website here!
Post by: Count Bleck on November 09, 2015, 03:49:24 am
So you must have seen the ad at the top of this page, right? You can replace that with your very own, for a price. Because not all things in life are free, and nor is running a successful forum. But you can save your money with one of these packages:

1 Day: $1

7 Days (1 Week): $6 (Save $1)

30 Days (1 Month): $20 (Save $10)

90 Days (3 Months): $60 (Save $30)

365 Days (1 Year): $250 (Save $115)

Your ad image must be 468 X 60 pixels, or the exact dimensions of the ad you see above. For 5 dollars I will make one for you. Your site must be safe for work (no **** or illegal content such as ROMs).

Payments are made to me via Paypal. PM me to discuss a plan, as I may be able to arrange a custom time period and price. Prices are negotiable but must be paid in full before the ad is put up. Up to 4 ads can run at a time  (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom). If, at any time, all ad slots are taken, "CLOSED" will be added to the topic title. It will reopen when someone's time runs out.