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Forum Rules
« on: November 05, 2015, 11:48:32 am »
This is a hangout for the Mario RPG Universe community and a more general forum than

However there are rules to abide by. If you fail to comply with these rules, bans can happen.

1. Do not spam unless you're on the Funny Farm. Even there, keep it in moderation. Spam means posting meaningless crap such as "beer is good" in a topic about Mario Party 10 or "asldkfjsadlk" in any topic.

2. Don't post **** or ROMs. You can discuss emulators but do not link to free downloads for copyrighted games. **** is self explanatory. Post it and find yourself banned.

3. Keep violence and gore to the minimum. Don't post a detailed picture of someone's heart being ripped out. A little blood is fine, but nothing shock-inducing.

4. Cuss in moderation. This isn't the streets, it's a public forum. Don't go overboard.

5. Do not flame other users. This means insulting, name calling, or threatening. This doesn't mean playful jokes, those are fine as long as the other user understands it's a joke.

6. Don't post off topic. There is a board for almost everything, and if there isn't, it either belongs in the Funny Farm or not on this forum.

7. Don't bump topics unless you have something useful and relevant to the topic at hand.

8. Advertising free stuff is fine but only in Fan Creations. Don't try to advertise your paid services or scams anywhere though.

9. Don't impersonate a staff member. Anyone caught doing so will suffer a ban.

10. Have fun now.
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